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9:00 AM Pilates Mat Class


9:00 AM Pilates Mat Class


9:00 AM Pilates Mat Class



We are interested in what makes people passionate about life, helping them achieve their goals through movement and positively impacting the world around us. We facilitate proper movement by teaching pilates, which increases strength, flexibility and alignment so people can live a full life without pain.

Erin Griffin, PMA- CPT
Linnea Haddock
Karen Barranco
Lindsay Batsford, PT
Jennifer Warner Grey
Michele Hulse
Dannielle Merlino
Jan McLaughlin
Darya Bronston


We offer Pilates, physical therapy and movement education.



We offer Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Teacher training, as well as pilates continuing education including Advanced Neuro, healing your nervous system, Evidenced based pilates for chronic low back pain and pilates treatment for joint replacement. Click on the link below to see our upcoming courses and workshops.


ADDRESS: 1516 Chapala Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101

TEL: 805-729-7494 |  alignedpilatesstudiollc@gmail.com

Karen Barranco

She is a graduate of the Core Dynamics Pilates Program, and studied at The Pilates Center in Boulder Colorado for many years before becoming an Instructor. She specializes in post-rehabilitative work, and has extensive experience working with people with chronic lower back pain and overall joint instability. Karen holds her MA in Dance/Movement Therapy and still enjoys making performance pieces and improvisational modern dance.