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What makes for a "best of" Pilates studio?

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Thank you Santa Barbara!! We won the Runner up position for the "Best Of" 2020 Santa Barbara Independent for Best Pilates Studio. We truly appreciate your support. We are happy to offer our services to Santa Barbara as the only Comprehensive studio acknowledged in this Category. Giving the best experience to our clients is our priority. We offer Physical Therapy session and as well as post rehab Pilates sessions. Our specialty is in rehabilitative work. Our instructors have completed certifications that required hundreds of hours and over a year to complete even the basic level of Certification. Many of our Instructors are extraordinary professionals in other modalities and movement such as professional dance etc. We believe that continuing education is our responsibility to our clients as well and our instructors log many additional hours each year in coursework for Specializations like Scoliosis and Neurological conditions etc.

These days, there are many group exercise and group reformer/reformer "like" workouts that occupy the "Pilates" category. We hear from many people that it is very confusing!! There are different styles of fitness in the category and we are happy to represent as a full service, comprehensive Pilates studio. What's the difference you ask? If your Dr tells you that it would be a good idea to start Pilates after an injury or surgery and you show up to a Boot Camp style studio it may not be a good fit. Aligned is a comprehensive studio that is fully stocked with all the Pilates apparatus to give clients robust sessions. The different equipment each have means to support and to challenge the body in different ways. When put to use as a full method, with highly trained instructors it delivers robust results. We thank you for your vote and support of the studio (especially in this difficult year with Covid restrictions!) . In return, we vow to continue to offer a best in class experience for your Pilates practice.

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